Welcome to the BrewPress demo.

This is a (almost) fully functioning demo of the BrewPress plugin. You can freely add new batches, edit existing batches, test drive the actual Brewing program and view temp logs.

Some limits of the demo are:

  • Updating the Settings page is disabled
  • Deleting batches is disabled
  • Temps will only be logged for a max of 10 minutes on each batch
  • There is no access to the admin area, meaning the theme style can’t be changed
  • Testing mode is enabled. This allows us to use BrewPress without being connected to a Raspberry Pi and will output random temps of between 69c and 73c.
  • Debug Mode is enabled whcih will display the raw program data (in JSON format) at the bottom of the Brewing page.

This demo uses the BrewPress Theme and has the black color scheme enabled.

Start by creating a new batch here