Brewing a Batch

** Note – The Brewing page url is http://pi-ip-address/brewing but should only be accessed from the links when you create or edit a Batch or the links on the View Batches page. This is so the correct batch ID is passed onto the Brewing page.

You’ve configured the settings and created a Batch. Now it is time to brew.

At the top of the Brewing page you will see buttons for each of the elements and each of the pumps you have set up. You can test they are working by clicking each button on and off. They should turn green for on and then back to gray for off.

Program Section

The Program section is where you can start, pause and reset the brewing program.

Simply click the Start button to begin the program. The following should happen:

  • Main timer beneath Start button will begin
  • Progress will be updated
  • Step 1 will update to Heating status
  • The heating element related to step 1 will turn on
  • Temps will begin to be logged

The Pause button will pause the timer and switch off every element and pump. Clicking start will continue the program running.

Clicking Reset at any stage will shut down all elements and pumps, clear the program and clear any temps that have been logged.

Temperature Section

Temperatures for all elements are displayed here.

Steps Section

The Steps section shows all of your steps with their target temps, times and a timer to show the progress of the step.
Steps will change colors as they go through various statuses. A step’s title will be red when it is ‘heating’ and green when it is ‘running’.
A step will change to running status once the target temp is reached. From then the timer will begin.

You can go to the next step with the double arrow button and you can start/restart the current step with the play button.