Getting Started

BrewPress is a WordPress plugin that helps to automate the brewing process. It works with the small Raspberry Pi computer to control electric heating elements and/or pumps.

You can view BrewPress on any device that is connected to your local network. This includes mobile, tablet and desktop.

Follow the steps below in this guide to get started.

1. Setup the Raspberry Pi

Check out the Hardware Requirements page for info on what is required to get your Raspberry Pi wired up and ready for brewing.

Once you have the hardware side of things set up for the Raspberry Pi, you will need to install and configure the required software. This includes installing an operating system, installing Apache, PHP & WordPress and also setting up the GPIO and WiringPi software. Follow our Raspberry Pi Instructions for setting up the software.

2. Install BrewPress

Once you have all the software installed and WordPress is up and running, you now need to install and setup the BrewPress plugin.
This is a straighforward process and just the same as installing any other WordPress plugin. See our Plugin Installation guide.

3. Setup BrewPress

There are a few options and settings that need to be setup within WordPress and within the plugin itself. See our Settings guide here.

4. Install the BrewPress theme – optional

We’ve also built a WordPress them specifically for use with the BrewPress plugin. The theme is simple, works brilliantly with the BrewPress plugin and is easily cstomizable. The theme allows you to choose preset styles, add your logo, add custom CSS and more.

5. Start Brewing

Every brew sessions runs to the parameters that are defined when you create a ‘Batch’. Read our guide on creating your first Batch and get ready to brew!