What is BrewPress

BrewPress is a WordPress plugin that is used to automate the brewing process.

It can be used with a Raspberry Pi to control heating elements and pumps in an electric brewery.

The Raspberry Pi has a GPIO (inputs and outputs) that can accept temperature sensors for reading temperatures and for connecting relays that can switch on/off electrical hardware.

BrewPress is software that allows heating elements to react to time and temperature variables, allowing fully automated control using the parameters that you set. You are able to run complicated step mash programs with ease.

BrewPress is also extensible, meaning that extra plugin extensions can be added to the system to achieve more complicated tasks. Some examples are the TP-Link extension, the Multiple Elements extension and the Pumps extension. These are all WordPress plugins that use the native WordPress system of action hooks and filters.

If you’re a developer and would like to create extensions for BrewPress, we’d love to hear from you.

There is also a BrewPress Theme that allows for easy customizations to the UI as well as adding your own logo.

BrewPress can be viewed on any device connected to your local network including mobile devices, tables and desktop computers.