Multiple Elements

This extension adds the possibility of controlling multiple elements within a single vessel. You can control an unlimited number of elements.

Once activated, the first step is to add the extra element(s) from within the BrewPress settings page and select the total number of extra elements you have.

Then from within the ‘New Batch’ or ‘Edit Batch’ pages, new fields will be added to each ‘Step’, allowing you to select the Target Temperature of the extra element(s).

For example:

Let’s say you have 2 elements in your boil kettle, with the extra element used as a boost to ramp up temps between steps.

If you wanted to go from step 1 of 65c to a mash out of 75c for 5 minutes, in the mash out step you would set the main Temperature as 75, the Time as 5 and choose your main element in the Element dropdown.

Then with the extra fields below, you would set the Element 2 Temperature as 74 and then select your second element in the Element 2 dropdown.

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