BrewPress Features

Fully Automated Brewing

Mash, boil and whirlpool temps can all be precisely controlled for any length of time. Simply add your steps, hit play and let BrewPress take control.

Easily Customized

There are so many ways to customize BrewPress. Choose preset design styles, custom colors, typography, add your own CSS or use your own theme.

Multiple Kettle & Pumps

Setup as many kettles, mash tuns, hot liquor tanks and pumps as you need. The straightforward and easy to use interface makes it simple.

Accurately Log Temps

You can connect multiple temperature sensors (over 20 if you need!) to the Raspberry Pi whcih will all be logged when you run a program.

Create Unlimited Batches

For each brew session, you create a batch. You can edit, delete and duplicate as many batches as you like. You can even set up a 'cleaning' batch.

Developer Friendly & Extensible

BrewPress uses native WordPress functions, actions and filters throughout. This makes it a breeze to edit, modify and extend the plugin.